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Dave was a scary man, an ex-convict with a volatile temper and a rap sheet to match. The onslaught began - bzzz, bzzz - each message dirtier than the next. But as we neared the end of our shift, I started to panic. How would I explain that my texts meant nothing and that, truthfully, I thought he was kinda ugly and creepy and had the vocabulary of a sixth-grader? The whole thing made me feel kind of dirty - and not in the good way.

I want 2 fuk it."I wasn't sure whether to blush, laugh, or call the cops. A guy who, up until now, had demonstrated zero interest in my ass, let alone any wish to defile it. Micronutrients involved in processes related to DNA methylation (e.g., folate, vitamins B6 and B12, methionine, choline, zinc) are commonly provided as supplements during pregnancy to benefit offspring development.However, an excessive maternal intake of methylation-related micronutrients acts as a nutritional insult, inducing hypermethylation at epi-labile loci and culminating in phenotypic [1,2] and metabolic variation [3,4].Supplementation of micronutrients involved in DNA methylation, particularly during pregnancy, is recommended because of its impacts on human health, but further evidence is needed regarding the effects of over-supplementation and differences between sexes.Here, a porcine model was used to assess effects of maternal supplementation with one-carbon-cycle compounds during prenatal and postnatal stages on offspring muscle development.

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