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This contribution outlines a big data literature review methodology to overview recognizable external changes and analyzes the interaction of one major trend—demographic change—further in order to allow for change management and adaption concepts for successful logistics.

Springer, Cham Change and dynamics in logistics are interestingly driven at the same time by external as well as internal forces.

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An integrated tool has been developed based on a generic Discrete Event Simulation (DES) factory model, which is linked to the company's resource planning system in order to not only assess the sustainability performance of each company's as-is operations, but also optimize their future performance.An Australian company was used as a case study to demonstrate the validity of the tool.Abstract : Green material selection with energy-consideration (GMS-EC) in product design is a key issue for realizing green and sustainable manufacturing.KDE is committed to improving technology and software to make the world a better place.We produce great quality free software that everyone is free to use or modify without any cost or restriction.

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