Who is anna pacquin dating

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"We're a very tight family."As our favorite vampires, fairies, shape shifters and more are getting closer to saying goodbye to Bon Temps, Moyer and Paquin plan to take some time off."Doing a series for this long affords you the luxury of a little time to actually stop," Moyer said. "TWITTER ALERT: star Kristin Bauer van Straten will be live-tweeting tonight's premiere at @enews at 9 p.m.

"And I've never stopped before so I'm really excited about doing nothing."Asked to sum up the final season in three words, Joe Manganiello said, "Bloody, sexy and complete."Paquin said, "Oh!

She was worried about moving back to Los Angeles, where she never felt comfortable because she's a "14-year-old goth girl deep down," she says. Not that I was a great skater, but I was good at standing around sullenly while the boys skated." She still listens to Metallica and Nirvana on her headphones when she works out, and barely conceals her irritation at those who might try to make her do anything she doesn't want to do, like the doctor she saw in her teens who suggested that she close the gap between her teeth.

Today, Rudy is all grown up and played a Hot con artist in Tyler Perry’s as a CIA detective trying to uncover a terrorist plot.

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• Kristen Stewart • Anna Paquin • Amber Heard • Bella Thorne • Kesha • David Bowie • Azealia Banks • Cara Delevingne • LGBT Bella Thorne opened up to the entire world about her sexuality.

The bride wore a classic white halterneck dress, and wore her hair in an elegant updo.

Starring in Neil La Bute's play "The Distance From Here" at The Duke, alongside Mark Webber, Melissa Leo, Josh Charles, Logan Marshall-Green and Alison Pill. The cast was awarded with a special Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Ensemble Performance.

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