Sprrd dating

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Les soires de Soft Dating, rassemblent chaque semaine, dans un lieu Cosy et Trendy, un nombre égal d'hommes et de femmes pour des soirées placées sous le signe de la rencontre et de la décontraction avant tout !

C'est moderne, sympa et puis surtout c'est une exprience !

Methods of Transport The most popular forms of transport are walking, driving or cycling but it has also been done by a Harrier Jump Jet, turbo charged JCB digger, wheelchairs, 'celebrity cars' and a motorised bath tub.

Someone even posted himself and literally became 1st class mail!

Dans la foule on embarque les copines pour une soire clibs only l'ambiance dcontracte mi-chemin entre Ally Mc Beal et Sex in the City on va croiser plein de gens sympas, qui connaissent plein de gens sympas...

Women Tandem Standard to be beaten 3-12-00-00 Mixed Tandem 2000 A Wilkinson & Miss L E A Taylor 2-03-19-23 Men Single 1992 R Dadswell 2-05-29-01 Women Single Standard to be beaten 4-12-00-00 Men Tandem 1954 A Crimes & J F Arnold 2-04-26-00 Women Tandem Standard to be beaten 4-00-00-00 Mixed Tandem Standard to be beaten 3-07-00-00 The unicycle record for the Land's End to John O' Groats journey as far as records show is held by Michael Arets and Mike Day who traveled 880 miles, in 14 days 12 hours and 41 minutes between 27 August and 10 September 1986.Plutôt habituées des sorties en discothèque, nous avons apprécié nos discussions avec les 11 garçons que l'on nous a...Beaucoup tergiversé avant de m'inscrire mais finalement aucun regret ..Travelling from Land's End to John O' Groats (or the other way) - an 'end to end' - is not a totally modern idea, we have records dating back to the 1800's.Over the years, the trip has been done by many tens of thousands of people and in a number of amazing ways, however, it is a unique challenge and quite an incredible achievement.

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