Battlefield bad company 2 weapons and gadgets not updating ps3

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Only the most elite players will be able to survive for long on their own, and a team who actually plays like a team will always win over a bunch of lone wolves trying to rely on their reflexes.

You can "spot" enemies and they'll show up on the maps of all your teammates, the assault class can drop ammo for their teammates, medics can drop medical kits to heal or use defibrillators to revive their fallen teammates, and engineers can repair damaged vehicles - and in all of these cases, you're rewarded with experience points for doing so, which means many people who otherwise wouldn't are now playing like a team.

So, in no particular order, let’s get into the top five reasons that I think made Battlefield: Bad Company 2 such an iconic game, and its stand-out features that I think would nicely benefit future Battlefield titles. Less toys meant Bad Company 2 avoided overcomplicating the rock-paper-scissors gameplay the Battlefield series is known for.

You might be tempted to level the building to wipe out some defenders, but where are your teammates going to hide when they're planting and defending the charge?

Bad Company 2 follows a bigger and better mentality with more vehicles, more destruction, and more team play than the original Bad Company.

At the same time, DICE aimed for a more tightly tuned single-player experience by addressing issues like pacing and the damage-soaking nature of the enemies.

I remember, shortly after Battlefield 4’s announcement, when Battlefield community manager Ian Tornay took to Reddit to address some of the more vocal fans who expressed their disappointed in learning Battlefield: Bad Company 3 would not be seeing the light of day any time soon.

He asked something along the lines of, ‘what made Bad Company 2 so magical that you guys would rather see a Bad Company 3 than a Battlefield 4?

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