Consumating dating

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O Allah, keep Satan away from us, and keep him away from what you grant us. Sexual (Vaginal) Intercourse during Menses is Prohibited iii.

If it is then decreed that they have a child (from that intercourse), Satan will never harm it.” (Recorded by Bukhari and Muslim) 5.

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Tinseltown intercourse certainly packs a terrific bang for its buck: so many tastefully lit montages of deeply meaningful acrobatics.

During the hectic time of the wedding many loose sight of the acutal Nikah that is to take place privately between the new couple.

In all the hoopla of the wedding they are not fully prepared mentally, physically and emotionally for one of the most important part of their new lives together.

(What was sex like before celluloid, the post-modern citizen wonders, before orgasms become as platitudinous as Meg Ryan herself?

) Back in the real world, we may dress for sex, hanker after it, thrill and scheme, but the reality is that the fist slamming, raw-faced, ululating meeting-of-minds-as-bodies phase can be frustratingly short-lived.

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