Halal dating

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Customers anger was sparked after the picture, which appears to have been taken in 2014, of a Cadbury’s employee holding a certificate showing its products are halal-certified surfaced on social media with the caption: “Cadbury proudly displaying their latest new halal certificates, pass it on.” As soon as the image was re-shared on Twitter some customers accused the brand of “Muslim appeasement” while other threatened to boycott it all together.

Nothing could be further from the truth as having fun is part of human nature and Islam is the religion of Al-Fitrah (Human Nature).

But remember even Halal forms of entertainment become Haraam through overindulgence and neglecting your Islamic duties: 10.

Eating out: Everybody enjoys going out to their favorite fast food joint and enjoying a delicious chicken tikka or burger. Reading: Not everybody enjoys this but I do, there is nothing like a good book to take your mind of things and help you relax.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that most forms of entertainment are Halal, many Muslims seem to indulge in the Haraam forms instead.

So here are my top ten favorite Halal things to do for fun.

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