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Dynamic testing is an assessment that is conducted while the program is executed; static testing, on the other hand, is an examination of the program's code and associated documentation.Dynamic and static methods are often used together.The cost of the Libra project to provide a national system for 385 magistrates courts soared from £146m to £390m, and the main supplier Fujitsu twice threatened to withdraw unless it was paid more money.

You will be able to specify the question on the gift card page Enter your email address and question in the "Message" box. We apologize for the inconvenience, if you are not satisfied you can use the credit for another question in future. Important : Do not enter your email address in the "Recipient E-mail" field on next page but enter "[email protected]". The information and forms on this site are for educational purposes only and cannot be relied upon as legal advice.It is important that employers work with counsel to develop an employment screening program specific to their needs.After nearly 10 years of disclosures in Computer Weekly about a series of failed IT projects to build a national system for magistrates courts, the Commons Public Accounts Committee asked the NAO to investigate.Its report revealed that when Fujitsu made requests for more money, the department had no contingency plan to put into operation if the contract had been cancelled.

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