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"The Joy of Sect" is the thirteenth episode of The Simpsons' ninth season.It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on February 8, 1998.Over five meters in length, it was one of the larger predators of the period.The species was discovered in New Mexico by paleontologist Kenneth Carpenter, who is an admitted Godzilla fan.

David Mirkin conceived the initial idea for the episode, Steve O'Donnell was the lead writer, and Steven Dean Moore directed.Burton "has already got a list of 20 designers from all over the world he wants to talk to about the production." Burton will begin working on the musical full-time next year and it is expected to arrive on Broadway in 2005.In addition to Batman and Robin, the musical will feature the characters The Joker and Cat Woman."Queen have just enjoyed one of the most lucrative years of their entire career. - Soundtrack for NBC's TV hit "Scrubs" featuring: Shawn Mullins, The Eels, Guided by Voices, Everything, and more!If anyone is into emulation like Mame and Virtual Pinball.I have just found a Highlander table to play with virtual pinball and it's pretty good. You can download it from here Tim Burton is to direct a musical stage version of Batman. Jim Steinman, who has worked with the likes of Meat Loaf, is to compose the music for the show.

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