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This is also when Jon's videos were first brought to Arin Hanson's attention.He was a grump, ironically, since he played the role as "Not-so-Grump".Rebecca says to Clementine at one point that her father knew nothing about her, implying they argued frequently. At some point in their marriage, they went skiing together, though "it wasn't pretty." Rebecca was a member of Carver's group, along with Alvin, Luke, Nick, Pete, Carlos, Sarah, Nick's mother, and Reggie.She used to make speaker announcements from Carver's office.Known as Superwoman on her You Tube channel IISuperwoman II, which has earned over 11 million subscribers.She also performs stand-up comedy, raps, hosts events, acts, and has appeared as a motivational speaker. Her documentary A Trip to Unicorn Island won a Streamy Award for Best Feature in 2016.At one point, he was gaining more subscribers than some of the most subscribed You Tube channels of all time, even Pew Die Pie.

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Normal Boots was shut down as You Tube's partner program became a much better way to earn money than ad revenue on Normal Boots.), better known by his online alias, Vanoss Gaming, or simply Vanoss, is a Canadian video game commentator.His highly popular channel mainly consists of comedic gaming commentary.Barry was Jon's primary creative partner in the early days of his show, which lasted up until he decided to leave Game Grumps and move to New York.Afterwards he wrote and produced most of his episodes with Paul Ritchey and the rest of the Continue? Today Jon's primary co-writer is Zach Hadel, better known as Psychic Pebbles .

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