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In addition to homemaking, she spends time as a Natural Family Planning Instructor and as the Infertility and Childbearing Coordinator for Elizabeth Ministry International.

April writes for I Believe in Love because she has found deep satisfaction and peace in motherhood and marriage, and she would like to encourage others to not be afraid of this path.

I know first hand that being in a bad relationship can bring a lot of heartache and drama.

I don’t want to take the relationship I have now for granted, so I work hard to help it thrive.primary passion is building and nurturing positive relationships with her husband and their four children.

I saw his reservation as a sign of self-respect and strength. He is highly introverted and private so it made me feel special when he began to feel comfortable around me and to open up about himself.

I still feel privileged that I get to see sides to my husband that no one else has seen.

Leaves the skin hydrated and smooth with a healthy glow.

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I’m also sure that both people on the date should want to know about each other. When I grew up, a friend convinced me to go to an Ala-non meeting.I really didn’t want to go and didn’t think I needed to talk about any of this because my dad was no longer around.Is well known that each one of us has his own opinions regarding any matter.We are all individual people, with our particular thoughts and different knowledge.

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