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WCW ultimately ran into financial difficulties as a result of the amount of money they had promised wrestlers during a hiring binge in the early and middle part of the decade, which had been aimed at acquiring large portions of the WWF's talent roster.

Despite efforts to salvage the federation, it was ultimately sold to Vince Mc Mahon, ending the Monday Night Wars.

Pete was arrested but would not implicate Ted and came close to being imprisoned as a result.

Pete's best friend Den Watts (Leslie Grantham) believed Ted had planted the stolen goods on purpose to get Pete in trouble.

In retrospect, wrestling commentators have come to see the era of the Monday Night Wars as a golden age of wrestling, with the feud between the two companies bringing out their best quality product both in terms of creativity and the performances of their wrestlers.

Many have come to regard the end of the wars – and, in particular, the subsequent WWE storyline regarding the acquisition of WCW – as marking a severe decline in the quality of modern wrestling programming.

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Sometimes you see actors who are really good, but you have trouble separating that actor from the celebrity profile."Isn’t that the thinnest billionaire’s wallet you ever saw?" Ted Turner gloats on a drizzling day in New York.The tycoon-turned-philanthropist has removed the wallet from his blazer to show me a printed card with his "11 Voluntary Initiatives," an oddly naive reinvention of the Ten Commandments that he concocted some 15 years ago, including such vows as "I promise to care for Planet Earth and all living things thereon, especially my fellow beings." PHOTOS: Ted Turner's Life and Loves in Photos He leans forward, adamant about reading each one. "I worked on them for a long time." It’s a rare burst of energy from this man who once epitomized it.At age 73, there’s almost no trace of the frenetic, hyper-kinetic mogul once known as the “Mouth of the South” and “Captain Outrageous." His antics (from keeping a pet alligator as a student to almost losing his life in a 1968 sailing race) and innovative empire-building (turning a tiny TV station into a nation-spanning “superstation" and launching the first global TV news network, CNN) have made him the stuff of legend, putting his present absence from the media scene in stark relief.

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