Sasori dating quizzes dating a freshman girl high school

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" one asked "I don't know mabey she has laser vison" "haha.." he slapped him, I guess I'll show me self, I walked in "You people are boring! was I supossed to stay in that awful room I went wakko!" I sat down next to a hypper person, he hugged me, I grabbed his wrist and threw him into the wall "Don't hug me! i promise you this quiz is better than my last one. We are a better kind of quiz site, with no pop-up ads, no registration requirements, just high-quality quizzes. You can create a quiz for My Space, it's simple fun and free.

To cheer up Sasori, Chiyo began to teach him the art of making puppets, and Sasori soon proved to be a born natural at the art.

" "Great another idiot" a red haired boy said, I turned around and put my hands on my hips "IDIOT! " he just chuckled, I sat next to him just to annoy him, he moved over a little i did to, someone poked me I dident turn around they grabbed me hair and yelled "come on Sasori!

" they were dragging me I grabbed their wrist "IM NOT SASORI! " he turned around and let go I put my hand on my head "OW! I walked really close to him I was going to give him a black and blue face someone grabbed me though I screamed and kicked they woudn't let me go, "Put these on then do what ever" a ring and cloak I went into a bathroom and cut up the cloak so not it was a tanktop gloves and cute short shorts, I walked back in some whiseled "Can I go out side?

Im in the leaf village now moving from my old rotting home leaving my family they wont know im gone anyway.

I sat on my couch holding cold pizza watching spongebob, "IM SO BOARED...." My light and t.v.

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