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) I think that while guys don't like to admit when they have non-mainstream tastes, there are a significant number out there who find a broad spectrum of women attractive or who have fetishes for particular things that others might find unattractive.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006, AM I know men who are attracted to heavier women who hide the fact because they get ribbed by their buddies.

This collection is also a study in language and communications.

This acronyms list contains acronyms and abbreviations, and 'backronyms' (acronyms constructed restrospectively to fit a word), with origins in the armed forces, healthcare, IT and various other business and training fields, including funny lifestyle and social acronyms and abbreviations.

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2015 was a record year for new-vehicle sales in the United States as low interest rates, a strengthened economy, and cheap gasoline all came together to create a strong environment for sales of brand-new cars and trucks.

These used vehicles aren’t a bunch of junkers, either: Manheim reported that the average mileage of cars and trucks sold at auction last year was at the lowest level since 2011.

This is largely due to the increase in vehicle leasing.

This makes me think that if this tendency is due to errors in measurement from less accurate techniques &/or technology then the disproportionately higher c values may have resulted from a systemic error or bias that should be reproducible today.

In other words, if c has remained constant throughout history, then those older techniques & technologies should still show the same bias toward higher values of c.

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