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Its Victorian Gothic architecture is the perfect setting for a haunting. All three are displayed on the same page and refresh every 20 seconds.If you spot a ghost or unusual activity, simply click on the appropriate cam screen to capture a screenshot and then submit your photo to the website.It uses systems that have either default passwords or no protection at all to beam video from people's private lives across the internet.At the moment, more than 500 feeds from the UK, as well as footage from over 250 countries worldwide, are being shared online. Connecting your computer to the internet immediately opens you up to the world of the hacker.But everyone needs internet access - computers just aren't fun without it. First things first, change the password on your router.A lot of people leave it as the default and it's not too difficult to look things up, or try a number of passwords to gain access to a home network. WPA2 encryption is important, as is turning off SSID to prevent the name of your router being broadcast to anyone in range.It doesn’t require much technical know-how; users just need to create an account to get limited access into people’s webcams.

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The Gettysburg Battlefield Earthcam is operated by the National Park Service and the Gettysburg Foundation.

Watching ghost cams online is a great way to go ghost hunting without leaving the safety of your own home.

These live feeds run at locations that are known to be haunted, and you can tune in with other viewers around the world in hopes of catching a glimpse of a ghost.

Everyone searches for the Grey Lady who has been spotted in the Children's Room by many visitors and cam viewers.

This area is the library's room for telling stories to visiting children.

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