Humiliation chat videos

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Generally, you have a right to take photos and videos of public places and the people within them.But if you are taking photos or videos in a way that is offensive or a nuisance to those around you, this can be a crime.They hold up signs for the camera that say: "We got toothpaste everywhere in the bathroom," and "We made a HUGE mess with our Legos" and "We think our rooms are clean."None of these scenes are uncommon in a home with young children, mine included. These videos are popping up all over social media, sparking controversy about whether this form of public discipline is tough-love parenting or bullying.Though they're popular, experts caution the videos might cause more problems than they solve.A mother posts a video to You Tube of her two small sons.They dump Legos on the floor, sit on unmade beds and get toothpaste on the bathroom counter. The video is among more than 30,000 that show up when you search "child-shaming video" on You Tube.This is what these people would do,” said former Hope resident Catherine Farmer.“We just practice those good old standards that have been done for years,” Hope Executive Director Mike Higgins said, describing his methods of providing discipline to children at Hope. Since assuming that role, sheriff's deputies have been called to Hope 116 times, including for 14 child abuse investigations.

We do not spank children and leave bruises on them. We do it very systematically, with the approval of our state legislative bodies, including DCF,” Higgins said.She created a second video to thank people for all the support. Deborah Donison, a clinical psychologist in private practice in Detroit and Clawson, said Stark's approach doesn't work."It's not truly discipline to shame or humiliate a child," Donison said."In situations where I've worked with families or children who've experienced this kind of humiliation or shame, there's increased resentment toward the parents.I find, in essence, all it does is humiliate the child.Posting nasty comments, humiliating images / video.Accessing another person’s account details and sending unpleasant messages, deleting information or making private information public.

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