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scammers use model photos, have nice profiles, and that attracts more members.Connecting Singles is different - we take great effort to get rid of scammers.He was due to stand trial at the court last week but the case was derailed by a legal blunder when the Crown Prosecution Service failed to meet a deadline for providing evidence against Scott to his solicitor.District Judge Michael Fanning instead dealt with the matter by imposing a restraining order.Security experts found these victimized accounts have a different biography, image and name and sexual photos were uploaded to the page that prompt others to visit the link of a person’s profile outside of the social network The biography, name and profile picture have all been changed on the hacked accounts, which have been replaced with a link to an intermediary site and a pornographic image.

Scott, of Bingley, West Yorkshire, was originally charged with harassment after allegedly sending 46 text messages and 55 emails to Mrs Fitton, and a letter containing a pornographic image of her to a third party. A friend of mine, we'll call her S, met a real doozie online. She said the guy was attractive and smart in his profile; flirty and nice in communication. In his profile, he says he's done everything, seen everything, hooked up just to have sex, etc., but is now looking for an intellectual connection. They get to emailing, he asks her out, she agrees, and then he comes out with: "I feel like I should be up front and let you know that I'm not looking for something serious; more of a sexual connection." What? If you can understand that and want to get a drink, let me know." He writes back, "Sure, if you want to get a drink' I'm up for it." She is confused (Why did he put quote marks around "drink"? Still, she replies, "I get it, but I'm looking for something stable. But when S opens up the message, she sees nude photos of himself. "He's looking in the mirror, the camera covering his face partially, but you can see the outline of his face….

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