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No man was more sadistic than the Japanese camp commandant Lieutenant Usuki, whom I called the Black Prince. Darker than the other Japanese soldiers, he strutted around like royalty, his beefy gut protruding from beneath a shabby uniform. Short and squat, he took the roll-calls and carried out all of the camp commandant's orders. He especially revelled in a sickening brand of water torture.He had guards pin down his hapless victim before pouring gallons of water down the prisoner's throat using a bucket and hose. Though Osment is now a well-known actor, what many people don't know is that Forrest Gump (1994), a very popular contemporary classic, was one of his first films. It's a great book and 70 percent of the book is your own imagination and putting in where the author has purposely left the gaps so kids can sort of put in their input and sort of custom read...

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But he warned that she risked repeating Mr Cameron's mistakes by "promoting her party's interest rather than the national self-interest".

For no reason at all, wire whips would lash into our backs and draw blood.

Some guards would creep up on you and strike the open tropical ulcers on your legs with a bamboo stick, causing intense agony. His right-hand man was Sergeant Seiichi Okada, known to us Brits simply as Dr Death.

It was another five years before he became famous with The Sixth Sense - Il sesto senso (1999), another popular ...

That is not surprising, since his screen time was only about two minutes, despite playing the son of the title character.

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