Who is ethan gregory peck dating

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His first wife was Finnish-born Greta, née Eine Matilda Kukkonen.

Although never a Hollywood star, Greta became a true star in her own right as she spread light on everybody she touched.

Greta and Gregory were married for 12 years, had three sons, and remained life-long friends even after their divorce.

Tragedy brought them together years later when their first-born son Jonathan committed suicide.

This short film, Coming Home to Hollywood, is Peck’s first fashion gig, but it’s unlikely to be his last. Born in Los Angeles (his father is the actor Stephen Peck, his mother the abstract artist Francine Matarazzo), he landed his first role aged nine, in TV crime drama Charlie Grace.

After graduating from Tisch School of the Arts, he appeared in Gossip Girl; more recently he had a role in the political TV drama Madam Secretary and has just finished a pilot for Fox with Lee Daniels, the producer of Empire.

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During The Selection he immediately was fond of America Singer whom he began a friendship with."Just to see how far you can go, how much you can take in, how much story you can hold of your own life and others."For more of Peck, and an interview with Ferragamo Creative Director Massimiliano Giornetti, check out Maxim's February issue, on stands January 26.REPORTER: TOMI HINKKANEN – LOS ANGELES PHOTOS: TOMI HINKKANEN Movie fans all over the world remember Gregory Peck (1916-2003) as the handsome leading man of Hollywood’s golden era.Off screen he’s no slouch either, with a laid-back elegance that again evokes his grandfather. We sit down to talk Hollywood greats, the pressures of a famous family and the problems that come with success… Some people assume I’m a spoilt trust fund kid who’s never had to work for anything, while others think the best of me because of the good experience they had with my grandfather.It’s difficult to digest the fact that they may never see me for who I am.

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