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If Java is working, you will see a pink rectangle above with one line of text that says something like: Java Version 1.8.0_25 from Oracle Corporation or Java Version 1.7.0_67 from Oracle Corporation or Java Version 1.6.0_45 from Sun Microsystems Inc. RUNNING THIS APPLET: Java security has changed quite a lot over the years and running this applet has gotten much more complicated. In the Bizarro world of Oracle, unsigned applets are treated as more dangerous than signed applets. First, unsigned applets run in a restricted Java sandbox whereas signed applets are given unrestricted access to the system.

Yes, the sandbox has been buggy and broken, but some security is better than none.

On a computer with multiple web browsers, be sure to check the Java version in every browser.

I say this because multiple copies of Java can sometimes be installed with different browsers using different copies.

Second, it shows a faith in the Certificate Authority system that is unwarranted. You first have to respond to three different popup windows asking for permission and warning of the end of the earth, but it will run.

February 2017: This applet will not run at all, immediately after installing Java 8 Update 121 on Windows 7. Oracle suggests that Java developers move from applets to Java Web Start.

The one exception is that the system will not replace the current JRE with a lower version.1) Stack Overflow Error[null]@fuel4mind, I had to add this to my file: JAVA_OPTS="-d32 -server" ESJAVA_OPTS="-d32 -server" I know the 2nd line wasn't working on its own, but things started humming once I added the first line.Not sure if the 2nd one is needed or not, but I left it in there anyway.If Java is installed but doesn't work, try these solutions: If the Java plugin does not appear in the Add-ons Manager, even though Java is installed, try each of the following, one at a time, and then reopen Firefox to see if that resolves the problem: With Firefox completely closed, delete (or rename) the file, located in the Firefox profile folder (it will be regenerated once you restart Firefox but any other plugins you may have disabled will be enabled). The problem was solved by installing the Java SE Development Kit 8.

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