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This also goes for ‘trying new hobbies’ and ‘getting out there’. I’m faced with another year where I truly wish that things will get better.My friends promise me that this will be the year when I meet someone, but after nine years alone, why would 2014 be any different? My four weeks in the country were challenging, exhausting, frustrating and disheartening — and yet, they were also full of joy, awe, wonder, and rewards. However, I was so frustrated that the local men I met acted in a way that made my trip far less enjoyable.Morocco is one of my favourite countries but it was also one of the hardest to travel in. How can one of my favourite countries in the world have left me with such unenjoyable experiences that I cut short my time there by several weeks? I’m frequently contacted by women who feel that same pull as I did to visit Morocco, but who have also been put off by the negative articles and sexual harassment horror stories. There was the time I refused to lend him money because he hadn’t paid me back last time, and he sarcastically responded that if I want to treat our relationship like a set of transactions, then we’d might as well put everything on a spreadsheet and never get each other gifts.

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I have had dates and ‘flings’ over the years, but they have amounted to nothing.

I am embarrassed to say that, with the help of a friend, I added up 25 encounters/dates/flings where I was the one rejected at the end.

I spend most days and weekends on my own because my friends are tied up with family things and I am not on a very high wage.

But instead of thinking of things to do that will make your life better and teach you the magnificent and miraculous words ‘you’, ‘we’ and ‘yes!

’, you mope about at home reading slushy books or watching romantic movies.

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