Tamagotchi v5 dating channel

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The Tenshitchi no Tamagotchi was released in Japan in August 1997 with three different designs, and a later English version, the Tamagotchi Angel, was released in America and Europe with four designs. The option to discipline cases of misbehavior which was in the original Tamagotchi was replaced by the option to praise for doing good deeds in the Tamagotchi Angel.

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to get your tamagotchi back to life you have to push a and c together to make it come back to life.One of the adult characters was a "secret" character, which could eventually appear from one of the other adult characters if given a certain level of care.The screen of the device featured a 16 x 32 squared dot matrix where the character was displayed.I know what you are thinking, but I've searched everywhere and cannot find any codes to speed up the process, soo you'll just have to wait until then!Once you can, you go on and select one of your three tamagotchis; the one that you want to go dating.

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