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Instead of thinking it's strange and then moving on, don't let the experience go unremarked.

Even professional intuitives have a hard time in this area.ou must know I’ve studied social dynamics for some time now. Mostly from observing actions and reactions from others and a strange ability to pay close attention to me and my surroundings. And attraction is useless without social interaction. But each time I learn a little more about what is really going on between men and women.Follow my steps for getting in touch with your intuition and you’ll be able to mind-read your dates and suss out the Mr Rights and Mr Wrongs — and find a partner who is perfect for you . The problem arises when we choose to ignore these feelings.‘I knew something wasn’t right from the start,’ my client will tell me, a month after her date has run off with her best friend.

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    Why did you break up with your last significant other? Why did your last significant other break up with you?