Updating netid byname callback timed out

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I have also noticed that if I issue a ypwhich command on the slave it returns the hostname of the master.My previous experience has been that the the slave returns the value localhost and also that almost all of the clients bind to the slave rather that the master. I have turned off the the firewalls on both master and slave and it has made no difference. I have 2 SLES 12 machines (named master-server and slave-sever) that I want to configure as NIS master and slave servers.

Each Child window (GUI) has its own ADS thread (ADS port for data communication) in which the extended ADS functions are called. Thread ID, WM_STOPPLC, 0, 0 ); end; ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// procedure TMDIChild. On Write Loop(var Message: TMessage); var i, error : Longint; var Value : Word; begin Start Progress( 0, MAX_TEST_LOOPS); var Value := 1; for i:= 1 to MAX_TEST_LOOPS do begin var Value := i; // write some test value error := Ads Sync Write Req Ex( port, @params.server, IG, IO, sizeof(var Value), @var Value ); Log Read Write( Format('Ads Sync Write Req Ex() result:%d [0x%x], value:0x%x', [error, error, var Value])); if Terminated then break; Do Progress(i); Sleep(100); end; end; ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// procedure TAds Thread.Edit the /etc/sysconfig/network file In Red Hat-based distributions need to add the NIS domain name we wish to use in the /etc/sysconfig/network file. You will have to delete the /var/yp/LINUX-NIS directory and restart portmap, yppasswd, and ypserv before you'll be able to do this again successfully.For this example, we will call the domain "LINUX-NIS". On Redhat, you can now start the ypbind and the ypxfrd daemons because the NIS domain had been initialized and the files have been created.[[email protected]]# /etc/init.d/ypbind start Binding to the NIS domain: [ OK ] Listening for an NIS domain server. COM: Master's version not newer passwd.byname-10.x.x.x: Callback timed out # netgrp shadow publickey networks ethers bootparams printcap \ # auto.master auto.local passwd.adjunct \ # timezone locale netmasks gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/var/yp/EXAMPLE.I have an NIS master and slave set up, and whenever I do something that requires synchronization between the two (such as adding a new user), there are long delays that eventually end in a "Callback timed out" message. This is with two Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) systems.

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