Insufficient base table information for updating

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In some situations, Arc GIS is unable to connect to Oracle after installing certain releases of Oracle or installing certain Oracle Critical Patch Updates (CPUs).

Arc GIS connections may hang, cause an error, or crash when attempting to establish a connection.

This behavior is encountered in Oracle version, and the first CPU to report this behavior was the October 2014 patch.

This bug applies to all Arc GIS releases connecting to an Oracle instance with the applied Oracle permission change.

This is the current SQL behind the query: Is there any possibility you could consolidate your individual tables into a master table which has the same structure except for one extra field for the name of the table from which each row originated?

If you are a programmer writing the application then you can also switch to a dynamic, updatable cursor and positioned update/delete.

Later versions of Microsoft® Access (, for example) lifted the requirement that a unique key actually exist and prompts the user to select field(s) making up a unique key.

A global secondary index contains a selection of attributes from the base table, but they are organized by a primary key that is different from that of the table.

The index key does not need to have any of the key attributes from the table; it doesn't even need to have the same key schema as a table.

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