Dating a prisoner

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These inmates are very real and are seeking pen pals! has been helping male and female inmates connect with the outside world since 1998 and is ranked #1 among prison pen pal websites.Receiving a letter is the highlight of the day for most prisoners. Meet-An-Inmate connects people like you with inmates from across the United States, and offers a free, easy way to brighten up an inmates day.In the UK, people who wish to write letters to inmates can do so via Prisoners in the UK have no direct access to social media or the internet in general, and letters are still the preferred means of communication.But as his school detentions led to expulsions and, eventually, arrests for possession of weed and then burglaries, we fell out of touch.I was ambitious, and my sights were set on anywhere but Delaware. Maybe when got his act together, I told myself, we could finally have a real relationship.

It can be a lot of fun communicating with these male and female inmates.Welcome to, a pen-pal service dedicated to those in the prison system! Our goal is to reduce recidivism by giving inmates the feeling of love, affection, and belongingness which is instinctually vital to all people both free and imprisoned. Bureau of Justice, in 2009 more than 2.3 million people were incarcerated and 90% will be released one day.Just think of how lonely it must feel at mail call to never hear your name being called, especially after being locked up for several years and family and friends have deserted you. ) Although Meet-An-Inmate is an online service, prisoners do not have access to the internet.All correspondence will be via the United States Postal Service, commonly known as snail mail.

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