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Before she was a lady of Beverly Hills, Natalie Wood was a Valley Girl—long before the term came to satirize adolescent fatuousness.As a teenage movie star in the fifties, Natalie, together with her Russian immigrant parents and sister Lana, lived in a succession of communities in the San Fernando Valley: Burbank, Northridge, Sherman Oaks and Laurel Canyon's north slope, where it widens into Studio City., with Claudette Colbert and Orson Welles.Dean later later confessed to friends, including Elizabeth Taylor, that he was sexually abused by De Weerd.

A door led from the pool directly into Natalie's expansive bedroom suite—her personal headquarters—which she decorated in black and white.A few years after the move, Dean's mother, with whom he was very close, died of uterine cancer and his father sent him back to live with his Quaker aunt and uncle in Indiana.While attending high school in Indiana, Dean became very close with his pastor, Rev. De Weerd was very influential in developing Dean's early and life-long love of theater and his interest in car-racing.It is around this time that James Dean's short, but legendary acting career began; he acted in several on-campus theater productions.According to many biographers, it is also around this time when Dean's "anything goes" sexual appetite was awakened.

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