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Although it is never shown, Ron is physically scarred from the abuse received from his violent father, Pete, as shown when his mother asks him to lift his right arm up above his head, a task Ron clearly cannot do.Ron does not seem to be emotionally damaged, as opposed to his younger brother, Sam.Amanda lived in Enid, Oklahoma and was married to Paul Kirby.They had a son, Eric, but overtime they grew apart, constantly bickering and being unable to agree on anything.My friend is sensitive and intelligent and, in almost every particular, unlike the stereotypical sexist, T & A-obsessed meathead.

Sometime afterwards, she had begun dating Ben Hildebrand.After Eric and Ben's disappearance on Isla Sorna, Amanda pretended to still be married to her ex-husband, posing as a millionaire thrill-seeker in order to trick Dr.Alan Grant - unaware he had only traveled to Isla Nublar - into accompanying them to Isla Sorna to act as a guide, hoping he would be able to help them find her son.He views Rick as a dangerous murderer and is disgusted by the fact that his mother chooses to remain Rick's friend, completely ignoring the fact Ron's own father was also dangerous and a killer. The Smithsonian Institution Libraries Digital Repository has pdfs of all 84 issues, from 1979 through winter 2012.

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