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One complaint cites a scammer posing as an "investigator" who is assigned to the case and who claims that he is using his private email because the IC3 database is down for maintenance.

Other complaints about the dating site come from those who report difficulty canceling their "3-day free membership," and who then allegedly had the memberships automatically renewed.

We've summarized the three new threats below, and have substituted "http" with "hxxp" to prevent readers from visiting these malicious sites and inadvertently falling prey to any of these scams:1.

Romance Scammers Claim IC3 Affiliation So-called romance scams typically involve con artists who win the trust of lonely hearts via dating sites, then try to swindle them.

“The risk has been proven.”But Vallejo’s attorney, Edward Brass, argued after the verdict was read that his client had a clean criminal record before the case and had made it to every court hearing, showing no flight risk.

Mc Bride disagreed, saying Vallejo already fled once before he was even charged.

"Most untreated sex offenders released from prison go on to commit more offenses," they wrote, explaining the value of the work from which they earned their livelihoods.

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And once Vallejo learned the police were after him, he “discussed staying out of country,” according to court documents.“There’s been no evidence that he will not pose a danger to …Underlining the importance of the therapy program in the plurality opinion, Justice Anthony Kennedy said "the rate of recidivism of untreated offenders has been estimated to be as high as 80%," which he called "a frightening and high risk of recidivism." The following year, Kennedy wrote the majority opinion in , which upheld retroactive application of Alaska's registration requirements for sex offenders.Describing registration as a civil measure aimed at protecting public safety (as opposed to a punishment), Kennedy quoted himself, saying "the risk of recidivism posed by sex offenders is 'frightening and high.'" article by a counselor who ran a treatment program at an Oregon prison and a therapist who worked for him."This Court has recognized that [sex offenders] have a high rate of recidivism and are very likely to do this again," he said."Even as late as 20 years from when they are released, they may recidivate." As , the Supreme Court rejected a Kansas inmate's claim that punishing him for refusing to detail his history of sex crimes (possibly including offenses that had previously gone undetected) as part of a prison therapy program violated the Fifth Amendment's ban on compelled self-incrimination.

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