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Syria was ranked as the second last country in the happiness report.Despite having high taxes and a reputation for a fierce Viking past, people in Denmark have been ranked as the happiest in the world (stock picture) in the latest edition of the World Happiness Report.It found people in the Scandinavian country could expect high income, good healthy life expectancy and social support Denmark is well known for its generous state welfare and for its egalitarian nature.Dude, did you know that, in 1856, Napoleon asked Robert-Houdin to duel a fucking sorcerer in French Algeria to prove to the murderous Marabout Tribe that French magic was superior to their primitive tribal magic, and as a result, quell a bloody uprising? “Smoke and Mirrors” is the high watermark all us screenwriters aim for. As a screenwriter, I’d rather take a great story to tell, a mastery of the craft, and some of that special magic, that lightning in a bottle we call perfect execution, any day of the week.What I do have is gushing enthusiasm and a hope to write a review that’s a curious examination of how to flawlessly tell a story. When we first meet Zoras Al Khatim he’s walking out of a bonfire like a fucking demon.

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