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There is a reason why he is referred to as “America’s Most Eligible Bachelor.” The fact that Amal Alamuddin thought she could tame Clooney and force him to be in a monogamous relationship is laughable.And, of course there is going to be an ugly court battle.Speculation that they had cooled off surfaced when Keibler was a no-show on the red carpets at recent film festivals in Venice and Telluride, where Clooney has been promoting his films" The Descendants" and "The Ides of March."On Friday, Keibler -- who dated actor Geoff Stults on-and-off for five years before splitting in 2010 -- attended the event "Call of Duty XP," where she was coy regarding questions about her Oscar-winning beau, but gave a few hints as to why Clooney may be smitten."Anybody that knows me knows that I'm definitely a guy's girl," she told PEOPLE."I just can really adapt to any kind of environment.

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Along with his performing career, George Clooney is also employed as a director and screenwriter. A hired car pulls up the front of the hotel, and several young, slim and beautiful models emerge.This couple is more like best friends than husband and wife!Apparently that is love and the marriage is a fame thing.(Amal Clooney)MARCH 26, 2015An actress, When she was younger, she used to do a lot of wild and destructive things, and she was unhappy a lot of the time.

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