Galaxy angel dating sim ranpha

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They go planet to planet on practically aimless missions and do their best to get into their own ways.From episode 1 where the angels find themselves doing menial housework to an episode where Forte and Ranpha end up on a casino planet wrestling their way out of gambling debt until Ranpha’s good luck finally kicks in and literally wipes it out, cosmically, this series is all over the place as far as stories go.The newest member of the Angel Troupe at the start of the series.Her hobby is making tea and cooking snacks, particularly cake.

In the anime A 17-year-old, selfless pink-haired girl who has an incredible amount of good luck with extremely bad luck periodically to counter it.

The flowers on her head can spin and make her fly or hover in the air.

Her first name is derived from the name for the French pastry mille-feuille.

Even in normal situations, like tossing a coin, she will get all heads or all tails.

is the 2nd member of the Moon Angel Troupe and pilots the Kung-fu Fighter.

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