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In the comments section of the post, several parents commented that they found it helpful and others tagged their friends so that they could see it too.It's proving to be a popular resource for concerned parents. This "guide" was a part of an article we wrote last month.

Aly is a Christian girl living in a Christian home, and yet she got wrapped up in some serious patterns of sin that were very difficult to break free from. Aly wants to share her story with other young women so that they can avoid the traps that ensnared her.

From the team: Most of our posts on are carefully worded so as to protect the innocent. Studies indicate that 90 percent of guys who receive a sext will share it with others.

You might want to ask your mom before you keep going if you should read this. Most teens see sexting as nothing more than high-tech flirting. One of the primary consequences of sexting is public humiliation.

Have you heard of teens using texting codes to keep their life secret from their parents?

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) came across a guide that detailed and decoded teen texting lingo.

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