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His direct connection with Veda permits him to know more about Celestial Being than his fellow Meisters.At the start of the series, he had an extremely rocky relationship with Setsuna; the former does not understand why the latter was chosen by Veda as a Gundam Meister, and believes Setsuna's brash actions and random insubordination will breach the code of secrecy of Celestial Being.As an Innovade, Tieria was created to adapt to the conditions of space and use of quantum brainwaves (QBWs).

To this end, he often clashes verbally with the other Gundam Meisters, as well as his "superior", Sumeragi Lee Noriega, on topics ranging from insubordination to ideology.They were given over to the rescue services quickly enough.He looked out of the window and could see the way the adults, or older teenagers got carted off in dark, armoured vans instead.Tieria is often noted for being on an extremely high horse, looking down upon others.Tieria also shows an unnatural loyalty to Veda, the supercomputer of Celestial Being, which Tieria can directly interface with.

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