Disable automatic updating of email addresses based on email policy

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Addresses that have been added manually, or created based on email processing for a user that does not have a directory account. their directory account has been deleted) or a fax machine / Unix based email address.

Deletes the selected email addresses including linked aliases.

I want to disable automatic send and receive of emails in Outlook 2010. Step 3: Click on the Send/Receive button in the same tab, this will open a new options window.

By default, if an email has no identifiable watermark, an inbound email action attempts to create a new incident from the message.

The color indicators on the right show if an email address is an alias for another address.

If the "Alias" indicator is green, the address is an alias.

If the email has a watermark of an existing incident, an inbound email action updates the existing incident according to the action's script.

For detailed examples of email actions that interact with incidents, problems, and change requests, see Examples of Inbound Email Actions.

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