Dating guild acoustic guitars

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I am also a banjo and ukulele historian and have many parts dating back to the 1800s.

Unfortunately, some documentation has been lost or destroyed over the years, resulting in some holes in the historical record in addition to a small number of anomalies, inconsistencies and outright dating errors.

That said, the information compiled and presented here is the most comprehensive data set we have for dating Guild guitars.

Please refer to the notes preceding each chart on how to best interpret the data.

...i saw one at the local guitar store here for xxx bucks..heel was cracked, but the repair job seems to be holding rather well..used and needs new strings, but plays nicely..thoughts on this guitar?They connect the guitar's humble and populist acoustic beginnings, to the big-band and jazz eras, and all way through to the electrified ear-deafening arms-race that became known as rock n roll.There may be no name more famous in the world of acoustic guitars as C. They also developed several body styles including the iconic dreadnought that are now copied the world over.The "assembly" did not consist of much more than attaching the neck to the body, however, and because of that and the Japanese origin, Martin was forced to stop using the "Made in USA" stamp on the inside.The finish was high quality, and the expense of it on these lower cost guitars was one of the reasons Martin dropped the line.

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