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Aynsley China , Portland Works, Longton, Stoke on trent.

Written by Authorised Aynsley Stockist The following guide was produced for the benefit of Sellers and Buyers on ebay and local auctions and china retailers.

The hand-painted items (like the one illustrated above) were made to compete with Royal Worcester and other manufacturers, and were mainly painted by Doris Jones and Nancy Brunt, who worked at the Aynsley factory from the 1930s to the 1960s.

Most of their pieces are handfinished over a transfer design.

This company began production at the St Gregory's Works, Gregory Street in Longton in the last few years of the 19th century and moved to the Atlas Works, Sutherland Road, Longton in March 1903.There is a hand written pattern number of B5081 and this set is puzzling as I cannot find out anything about it or anything similar on the internet????? The design is inside the teacups and is an emerald green colour with a swirling gold pattern and rim.The outside of the teacup is white with a gold band around the base, centre of the cup and rim as well as on the hand.3)Blue letter A - This means acceptable but not a grade 1 piece there is likely to be some blemish or firing failing before the final glaze stage or transfer stage.It does not stand for Aynsley A stands for acceptable.

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