Qsub bad uid for job execution failed validating Camfreebest site

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What is the fastest way to get all 10 computations done - as 8-core jobs or as 16-core jobs? The answer, after some simple arithmetic, is that running your 10 jobs as 8-core jobs will take 5 days, whereas if you ran them as 16-core jobs it would take 7.5 days. The default startup scripts provided by Sci Net, and guidelines for them, can be found here.Certain things - like sourcing are required for various Sci Net routines to work!Note that your password should never, never, never be to sent to us, even if your question is about your account.Try to avoid sending email only to specific individuals at Sci Net.

Command can be a path to a binary or a script (see -b below) which contains the commands to be run by the job using a shell (for example, sh(1) or csh(1)).In case your blparser node servers multiple CREAM CEs, please be sure to have followed the instructions reported at Administrator Guide For EMI1#1_4_5_1_Configuration_of_the_old $ glite-ce-job-submit -D de2 -r cream-02infn.it:8443/cream-lsf-cream prren12008-01-28 ,859 FATAL - Method Name=[job Register] Timestamp=[Mon ] Error Code=[0] Description=[delegation error: the proxy delegation ID "de2" is not more valid! ] $ cat job_ids ##CREAMJOBS## https://devel03infn.it:8443/CREAM683051516 https://devel03infn.it:8443/CREAM481684356 https://devel03infn.it:8443/CREAM333841302 https://devel03infn.it:8443/CREAM279829555 https://devel03infn.it:8443/CREAM334653961 ****** Job ID=[https://ppsce03es:8443/CREAM880596078] Status = [ABORTED] Exit Code = [] Failure Reason = [BLAH error: submission command failed (exit code = 1) (stdout:) (stderr:qsub: Bad UID for job execution MSG=ruserok failed validating dteam017/dteam017 from ppsce03es-) N/A (job Id = CREAM880596078)] 2009-09-10 ,082 ERROR - Received NULL fault; the error is due to another cause: Fault String=[org.glite.security.delegation.storage.Gr DPStorage Exception: Configuration error: delegation_factorynull] - Fault Code=[SOAP-ENV: Exception] - Fault Sub Code=[SOAP-ENV: Exception] - Fault Detail=[ This problem can happen when submitting to CREAM through the WMS.The client must be configured to be able to send jobs to head node.Necessary configuration includes setting up passwordless ssh access between the gateway and headnode (both ways?

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