Reasons why internet dating is dangerous

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Why can't people be naturally different or have different attitudes and behaviors without having ulterior motives or something fishy up their sleeve?

Furthermore, American women are not the default standard set by God for how all women should be, and thank goodness for that too. Out of them all, only ONE of them is eager to move to America (or perhaps Italy, she says). Do you really think that 1 out of 115 constitutes a majority?

That acts of self-injury are so often bloody and horrifying that it makes it harder for people to be thoughtful about what these acts mean.

There is a tendency to panic when you see someone you care about bleeding from self-inflicted wounds, or covered with scars.

Dear Reader, If you are one of the many Westerners who harbor the myth that most or all Russian women are desperate to leave their country or want a green card, then please read my article below and consider the twelve points that I make which prove that it to be a narrow-minded egocentric American myth.

These points are based on my experiences of being 6 months in Russia, visiting 9 cities, and meeting hundreds of people there.

I don’t think you’re a bad guy-come ‘on, why would you be reading Fearless Men?

It’s probably that you’re trapped in a cycle of bad decisions. Where the real self-examination is needed is here: are you at least to breathe some new life and energy into the relationship?

If we placed smelly Indian men in a war zone, the enemy would automatically surrender before they die from the toxic fumes. The clothing: It is a given fact that Indian men are among the laziest creatures on the planet. His background: Just because his father can afford a luxury car doesn’t give him the right to have any girl that catches his fancy. Other options: They are with you, but they still have the right to ogle at women passing by.

These are exaggerations of normal states of mind—everyone has felt blue at sometime or another—everyone has felt euphoric or energized at least once.

Though loose, psychotic-style thinking is not something that everyone has experienced directly, at least the idea that people can experience hallucinations and delusions is familiar to most.

Whether you were surprised or saw it coming, getting dumped can hurt like hell. What’s most important is picking yourself up and not wallowing in your sorrow. If you keep getting dumped, sorry buddy, but it’s time for some tough love.

That doesn’t mean using bitterness to get over someone, but you must choose to move on. If you keep getting dropped like a bad habit, it’s time to take stock because it’s probably you.

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