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Earlier this year, an Oregon State University student was caught broadcasting from the school library, and now MFC no longer allows its models to cam in public.But almost three years later, visitors to Eevie's room still ask for the coffee stand. He replies in the group chat box: "i haven't been around all day but Sarah has been watching." I ask Eevie who Sarah is, and she says that's Boggers's wife. The land, the very atmosphere out there, is alien, malignant, the executioner of countless wagon trains. Huge dervishes of alkaline dust reel and teeter past.One would think we were pulling into this planet’s nearest simulation of hell, but if this were hell, we would not be driving this very comfortable recreational vehicle.

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But with no sign of trouble on their machines—no slow performance, no deleted files, no alerts from antivirus programs—they pretty much forgot about it. Suzy, Melissa, and Nila went about their lives online and off.

Attached to the note was a file labeled simply SCARY. Yeah, the IM had come from her account, but she hadn't sent it. That night, Suzy's 20-year-old friend Nila Westwood got the same note, the same attachment. When she called her friend to see what she'd missed, things actually got freaky: Suzy'd never sent a thing.

Melissa wondered why her goof-off sister was IM'ing from the next room instead of just padding over—she wasn't usually that lazy—so she walked over to see what was up. Unlike Melissa, she opened it, expecting, say, a video of some guy stapling his lip to his chin on You Tube. The girls pieced together the clues and agreed: Suzy's AOL account had been hacked.

Last year, Wells Tower took a completely different approach with his dad: Burning Man, the world's largest chemically enhanced self-expression festival. An hour out here and already I could light an Ohio Blue Tip off the inside of my nostril.

You know: The big fishing excursion, The road trip down Route 66. They went to discover what draws 60,000 people to one of the least hospitable places on Earth. The sun, a brittle parchment white, glowers as though we personally have done something to piss it off.

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