Online dating and distance

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While not a dysfunctional dynamic in and of itself, when chronic or fixed, intimacy is avoided and relationship trouble ensues.For example, if one partner pursues for sex and the other is rejecting or distances from it on a particular night, little may be made of it; but if this same partner is rejected consistently, the dynamic can then split a couple physically and emotionally.Even here in Birmingham, Alabama 45 minutes one way between UAB and the nuevo rich areas of north Shelby County is not unheard of.In the UK, my brother and his wife work 4 hours apart so they only weekend together which is an improvement over the two country routine when they met. If my economy wasn't needing enhancement, an hour one way wouldn't faze me. I think you are correct that once established, the relationship can work because you can spend weekends together, etc.You pursue someone or they pursue you, but you each do it from afar and through a "machine." You're "somewhere in the swamps of Jersey" as The Boss sang, and he may be in New York or for some inexplicable reason: Idaho.

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The other one – is to find the way to meet with your one and only offline.

Given our fast-paced technological times, online dating is perhaps the most popular avenue for finding a mate.

It's also a perfectly suited format for replicating dysfunctional relationship patterns.

Studies have found that the p-d dynamic was the pattern most responsible for divorce.

I've found it to be prominent in dating sites around the world. While all romance starts with a p-d dynamic, online dating usually begins with a great deal more distance.

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