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But a publishing industry source tells Daily Mail Online that the hefty advance is predicated on Springsteen writing a no-holds-barred book and talking about the loves of his life and his indiscretions - some of which have have inspired provocative references in his lyrics.The rock legend will explain his rise to fame and the struggles behind his songs in a memoir entitled 'Born to Run,' named after Springsteen's 1975 song about his determination to leave his hometown of Freehold, New make it in the music industry. Because it's the only one that gets me worked up over the characters, in other ways than by having them murdered or suffering from some dire disease.My suspension of disbelief is facilitated by a sharp cast and vivid direction, which puts emotional suspense and its concomitants--focus, pace, mood, foreshadowing--ahead of all else. And I have just now realized that what I'm describing, or working toward describing, is a seduction.There was a business associate, a handful of family friends and even a dad of my kid’s schoolmate. I first learned that S was using Ashley Madison on Christmas Eve 2013.I always thought he was a decent guy, and here I see he spent ,000 on the site. I call it D-Day, cuckold-speak for “Discovery Day.” The breach — which exposed credit card names associated with accounts, profiles, email addresses and more — brought all of that pain back like a sledgehammer.Lookalike: Court papers accused Bruce Springsteen of being unfaithful to his wife Patti Scialfa - with Bruce at left - with New Jersey housewife Ann Kelly at right.

"When you get caught doing anything that is highly stigmatized, you make excuses.

And so, though I count myself a fan of the show, I can't for a second regard it as serious drama, although it's endeavoring to pass as such.

Apart from a strong satirical streak--more like marbling, really, since it runs through every part--what it is is soap opera of a fairly high order, showing genuine cleverness and feeling. It's concerned with the big scenes, the sweeping flourishes, the successive waves of crisis that batter its heroine.

Matthew is a successful, 48-year-old tech executive living outside of San Francisco.

Over the course of five months from 2013 to 2014, his wife — we’ll call her “S” — cheated on him with countless men on the Ashley Madison website.

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