Bria myles dating

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I have worked with almost EVERY major magazine European or Greek.

I am specialized in swimwear, lingerie, fitness, and artistic nude styles, I was born and still live in Athens/Greece.

Brenique ,native of Houston, Tx is paving her own lane through the game and making a new one for other models as well.

She is a workout queen as well as an ex hoopstar ( wait till u see her hoop in heels!!

He has a younger brother named Kingsley and an older brother named Tyson.

His musical abilities can be seen on his You Tube channel mylesandmylie where he posts original songs, like "Girls in Stolen Cars," as well as cover songs, including one by Jason Mraz.

She reportedly ended their long-term relationship over rumors he was unfaithful.

She was previously married to actor/comedian Eddie Murphy.

My work is focused in photomodeling due to my height which is 167cm.

Well, it appears she’s back and she’s brought an armada of baddies with her.

Her new teaser video has broken the ‘net, going viral with 19 million views in just a few days. So let’s catch up with Bria, the models and the photographer who put this all together.

) Brenique Says: 800-1000 abs a day will keep your midsection Killer!!

She was discovered by her manager and stylist( Dre Berry and K.

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