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Over time, I’d broken her beautiful spirit—the one that gave her a unique and radiant light. As I crossed that line again and again, my child experienced a harsh reality: No matter what she did, it would never be good enough for me; I could never be pleased. I stopped being her rigid taskmaster and instead became her loving encourager …

Rather than harping on every single thing my child did wrong, I saved my guidance for serious issues—issues that could be potentially dangerous or life-altering.

Mej-Jeh disagrees; he thinks that even though many eggs are being born different or dying, his egg is stronger and will be a great Tz Haar. Mej-Ak and Mej-Jeh will help you to keep the egg within the optimum temperature for hatching.

At times in my life I have been overweight, scared to swim, smelly, ill-mannered, and disorganized.

Help the Tz Haar save their race and find a use for the Ga'al, other than an honourable death in the Fight Pits.

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Materialism - Smoke Preferences - Drinking Habits - Pets - Travel - Activity Levels - Working Habits - Spontaneity/Improvisation - Importance of Friends - Competition Mindset - Party Lifestyle - Stress - Physical Fitness - Marriage - Wanting of Kids - Stubborness/Laid Back - Movies/TV Watcher - Sexually Active - Cleanliness - Religion No other dating site gives you insight into the most relevant criteria of our daily lives.

During those times, I could have used some encouragement. And one day she spoke the words of a defeated soul.

So when I saw the young boy ordered to get out of the pool because he was scared to swim, I cried with him from behind my sunglasses. “I just want to be good, Mama,” cried the little girl who once loved to strum her beloved instrument.

Additionally, having completed the Tok Tz-Ket-Dill quest would allow you to already be familiar with some of the things you'll have to face later.

Speak to Tz Haar-Mej-Jeh by the birthing pool in the north-east part of Tz Haar City.

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